Item Description Commitment
Quality Guarantee Provides Parts and Labour Warranty After Vehicle Repaired At least 6 months or 6,000 km coverage
Reception Procedure Completes Full Procedure Within 20 minutes
Repair Quotation** Provides Preliminary Inspection Report and Extra Repair Quotation Within 4 hours
Repair Progress Reports Repair Progress Within 24 hours
Vehicle Pick-up Notification Upon Completing Full Repairing Procedure Within 30 minutes
Parts Quotation Provides Written Quotation Within 2 hours
Parts Order Air Freight Within 10 days
Sea Freight Within 90 days
Spare Parts Pick-up Notification Upon Receiving Spare Parts Within 1 working day
Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction Measurement Achieves 4 points or above
Fixing It Right First Time Achieves 95% or above
Telephone Calls Follow-up Achieves 100%
Complaints Handling Verbal Complaints Verbal Confirmation within 4 hours
Written Complaints Verbal Confirmation within 4 hours and Written Confirmation within 1 working day
Complaints Handling and Replying Within7 working days
** Quotation of Insured Vehicle depends on individual case.